About Image Line Painting

There are different schools of thought about Image Line painting. On one side, it is a superior form of art. But on the other side, there are so many drawbacks that people do not even consider these disadvantages.

One of the most obvious issues with this technique is the cost of such paintings. Although image lines are indeed a highly expensive technique, it is not costlier than other painting techniques. It is simply more than oil painting and watercolor painting. Another point of contention is the fact that it does not have that natural appeal that the other styles provide.

People often wonder if medium painting is better than fine art. I have studied this technique for a long time. My study has led me to conclude that it is not. Medium painting in its true sense is mainly decorative medium which gives grace to the picture without any artistic value.

It is true that fine art is an art form where one can express himself creatively. With medium painting, one’s creativity is only expressed through a decoration. The artist does not lose any creativity.

When people choose Image Line painting as their medium painting style, they risk losing their creativity. That is because they end up painting random pictures with no sense of style or order. This is not a good enough reason to switch from medium painting to fine art.

Furthermore, I think that people should consider about Image Line painting if they want to get into fine art. Why should someone choose medium painting when they can choose fine art. If you want to express yourself creatively, medium painting is the better choice. You may not be able to express yourself as much as you want but at least you can express yourself as creative as you want. You can also get more information about painters in Calgary Ab

People should not feel bad if they end up with medium painting. This technique is not only good for medium paintings but is also great for portrait paintings and landscape paintings.

So, if you are thinking about Image Line painting as your medium painting style, I think you should stay away from it. If you have the money to spend, I recommend that you make a big investment in painting accessories. It is a good investment that will give you a very nice, professional, and even artistic finish.

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