Butterfly Valley Rhodes to Rhodes

Faliraki beach is the most popular, and the most highly organized beach on Rhodes. It is more than 5 kilometers wide and here you can find anything you can possibly ask for. Beach fun, shallow waters, bars, nightclubs, restaurants, water sports, hotels, and apartments to rent; this is the go-to place in Rhodes if you are looking for a little bit of everything, but prefer not to stay in Rhodes Town. During the time of visiting, the butterflies sleep on the shady sides of logs or trees or around the roots. The sight of the colony itself is magical but if the butterflies are awake they form a cloud, which is very impressive as it reveals the orange color of their feathers. Find all the transport options for your trip from vallée des papillons rhodes to right here https://rhodesoldtown.gr/

It’s one of the island’s most remarkable natural attractions, where you’ll find several species of winged beauties, as well as the only natural Oriental Sweetgum forest in Europe. The Natural History Museum of Rhodes operates at the entrance of the butterfly valley. Among the exhibits are endemic and rare species of the broader area of the Valley, which are displayed in cases representing the conditions of the natural environment. The unpleasant truth is that the number of butterflies is increasingly reduced due to the impact of tourism on their natural environment.

Buses begin from the central bus station at Mandraki harbor, right behind the New Market. Of course, your tour to the Butterfly Valley with your family will never be completely at the Museum of Natural History. This museum is housed in the well-restored Italian home of the 30s. This is where you get to find extensive information regarding the reserve and its flora and fauna. Τhere are butterflies reproducing in the protected area in an ideal environment and stable climate conditions. Visitors of Butterfly Valley can look forward to witnessing the spectacular phenomenon that rarely occurs in nature.

But, the peak of its beauty is between the months of June to September when the butterflies complete the idyllic scenic by flying around or creating interesting patterns on the trunks of the trees. As you follow the paths, towards the end of the valley and at the highest altitude, you will find a Holy Monument called Kalopetra which exists since 1484. It is built on an idyllic site with a breathtaking view of northern Rhodes.

It holds thousands of thousands of butterflies that swarm the place between the month of May and September. The area also holds a huge population of the ‘Liquidambar Orientalis’ the only such forest in the entire Europe. Equally, it is also populated with a form of a nocturnal moth, Panaxia Quadripunctaria.

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