SpotOn GPS Virtual Dog Fence Review

Earlier technology for wireless fences rely on base stations that emit a radio signal that communicates with the dog’s collar, and only work in a circle around the base. The Halo wireless fence system provides a solution for several aspects of training. It can be utilized for invisible dog fences, as an activity tracker, a GPS wireless dog collar device, and a training dog collar. Having one device that can fulfill many tasks is a budget-conscious decision and an efficient way of caring for your dog.

It can also handle high temperatures, so you won’t need to worry about it losing its functionality. This is an easy-to-use collar, so you can have peace of mind about your pet’s safety. Using incredibly accurate GPS tracking, the SpotOn Virtual Fence system can be used with or without the fencing feature. So, even if you aren’t using the fence, you can still track your dog to within 10 feet of his location, which makes it a great option for a dog that likes to run. SpotOn dog collar review included it for more effective training so that your dog listens to the beeps and stops moving when they’re close to the boundary you set.

This is a tremendous state to do business in and we’re just proud to be here in New Hampshire and contributing to the economy,” Solinsky said. The app includes a step tracker to monitor your dog’s health and ensure he gets enough exercise. Wagz employs vibration, auditory, and ultrasonic signals to correct behavior and keep your dog inside the boundaries of your geofence.

By delaying the shock, the dog will have ample chance to return to the safe zone. The collar receiver automatically sends a warning sound and status shock to remind the dog to return to its safe zone if it runs out of the set range. The fact that you get such an incredible range from a dog fence in this model’s price range is what makes the COVONO such a great option to consider. It can be expanded both in terms of signal coverage area and the number of dogs that can be monitored and controlled.

It will use GPS location services to perform activity tracking in real time. Plus, once you enable data storage, you can analyze your dog’s behavior and time spent active. A great as this wireless dog fence is for dog owners, it’s obviously not for everyone. With its high price point and its wide range of features, it’s actually a bit much for some dog owners. Many ultimately decide to choose alternatives such as the Halo Collar. While the operation of the SpotOn unit is quite simple, the truth is that some dog owners are going to be much more comfortable with a system that feels a little more traditional.

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